Community Groups

We believe “church” is not just a meeting or a building, but rather a people who do life together.  The best way to get to know us is to join us in one the following groups and activities.


Our church meets in “home group” about twice a month on Saturdays. In home group, we meet together at a house, share a meal together, sing songs, have a discussion/read Scripture, and pray together. Our goal in these groups is to be a family together and invite others into our family. Our home group is open to anyone and all. We would love to invite you into our homes!  Contact Pastor Ben at bpunfecdb[at] for more details.


In addition to Home groups, we meet in D-groups (discipleship groups) during the week, which are gender specific. The point of these groups is to grow closer, have accountability, and encourage each other to be listening to and responding to God during the week.  Guys: contact Eric Qin (eqin8989[at] or Jeff Maung (fstekno[at], Girls: contact Emmeline Wong (emmewong428[at] or Trisha Chan (chan.trisha[at]


College Students meet up on Saturday mornings to study and discuss the Bible and to encourage one another in authentic community.  Contact Jeremy Jow for more info (jeremy.jow[at]



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