Who We Are

We are the English-speaking ministry of First Evangelical Church of Diamond Bar, which is a primarily Chinese church.  This means that most of us are second-generation Asian-Americans; our parents are immigrants from Asia, but we were born and raised here.  However, we warmly welcome you to check out our community, no matter what your background might be.

What are we all about?  Our purpose is to make gospel-centered disciples, in community, on mission to the Glory of God. 

gospel community mission circles 2016

How will we achieve this goal?  We will strive to embody these core values:

  1.  Gospel-centered. We believe that believing the “Gospel” is much more than just agreeing to a set of beliefs, trying to be a good person, and going to heaven.  The Gospel is good news that transforms all of life: the vision of what Jesus has done in his life, death and resurrection, uniting us to him, giving us a new identity and freeing us from slavery.  The Gospel is therefore not just for the beginning of the Christian life, but is something we must return to and center ourselves on every day, and in everything we do as a church.  Click HERE for the sermon on this topic.
  2.  Theological Depth. Theology is not just for pastors and professors.  We all have beliefs about God and spirituality and it affects everything we do; but the question is, are these beliefs true?  We believe the Bible is God’s trustworthy Word about himself and thus we will strive to study it deeply, to understand it and let it guide and challenge us, so that we will love God more deeply with our minds, in order that we might know and love God with our whole beings.  Click HERE for the sermon on this topic.
  3. Church as Family.  God never calls people to follow him as individuals, but by bonding themselves to the people of God — the church.  Church is not merely a building, or event, but it is a new kind of family — imperfect people changed by the Gospel, supporting one another and inviting others to join in.  We will strive to be this kind of family to one another.  Click HERE for the sermon on this topic
  4.  Missionaries to our Culture.  While the content and truth of the Bible never changes, it must be communicated to different cultures differently.  We will strive to see ourselves as missionaries to our own culture, here in Southern California, carefully and humbly listening to our culture’s questions, stories and experiences, so that we can communicate the hope of the Gospel effectively and winsomely, while also challenging and confronting the culture when needed.  Click HERE for the sermon on this topic.
  5. A Heart for Justice and Mercy.  In the Bible there is a deep connection between our attitude towards the poor and marginalized and our relationship with God.  The Gospel says that we are all spiritually poor but that God in his mercy forgave and redeemed us though we did not deserve it; thus this must give us a radically new heart towards those who are materially poor.  We will strive to make a long-term commitment to justice and mercy: to learn from the poor, to partner with organizations who are doing justice and mercy, and to be generous with our resources.  Click HERE for a the sermon on this topic.          
  6. Work as Vocation. So much of our lives is spent at work, yet for many of us, work is merely a means to “make a living.” We believe that God created work to be much more: a vocation, a calling. God has created all things in the universe and called it good, and he calls us to shape his creation and create good and beautiful things for his glory. As people changed by the Gospel, we will strive to see our work and our gifts as a calling from God.  Click HERE for the sermon on this topic.

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